Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Final blogging challenge part 2

He thought it was enjoyable, and neat. It was fun and interesting. And intriguing. The heading captured his attention as in my blogger name Terry Tate Office Linebacker. He liked that my avatar was Borat. He was distracted by the slide show on the sign it took away from the writing on the blog. He thinks I should take away the widgets, more writing, and have a colorful text. That's all my buddy Dylan has to say.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Final blogging challenge

I wrote 41 posts before this one. That's a lot. A lot of them were based on school assignments. Some of them were personal interests like cross country. I did not receive any comments from other schools or other countries. And none from my fellow classmates except Tad O. None of my posts got any comments except for the one about holidays. I got two comments awesome! 1 was from Tad O and some Freddo guy. I think this happened because most people just wanted to get their blogs done so they don't fail English. I enjoyed writing about my hunting day. I liked it because I was able to write about what I do on the weekends. And I got to reflect on how fun it was. I did not change blog themes at all. I have 7 widgets. This is just the right amount for me. Because if I had more I would be confused about whats going on and which ones which.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What type of online user am I?

Most of my age group are joiners or spectators. With 51% of the entire 12-17 age group are joiners. And 49% are spectators. Joiners are ones that use social networking systems to stay connected to their friends. Spectators are ones that read blogs or posts, watch videos created by peers, and listen to pod casts. So, it would make sense that I belong to these two groups. Not only because I use facebook to stay connected to my friends and write about my status. And because I use YouTube to watch videos made by people I don't even know for entertainment. My friends are mainly all joiners and spectators. They all go on facebook. They also watch videos on YouTube. And at school they tell me about them and tell me to look them up. We also go on facebook and comment on how the other's status is. Or we send group requests to create another social circle. But, in the end my opinion on the subject is that mainly the graph is correct about my age group. When we get home from school we don't want to rate or gather information or create web pages. We want to watch videos that entertain us or talk more to our friends when they are online. And if they aren't online or there aren't any videos to watch. We log off and remain inactive till the next day or until we want to look up a video. Or comment on someones profile. So, in the end the graph is accurate.

Friday, April 23, 2010

5 realy awesome bloggers

veronica's blog is a really good blog. her blog has interesting colors and she has it very well organized. she has many widgets. which keep me interested and keeps me reading.
Helen's blog is really good. she has a lot of pictures which keep me interested. Like the last blogger it is organized.
Teagues blog is very creative. It has a lot of bright colored text with different colors for every blog. she has the courage to talk about her feelings.
Madison's blog has a lot of running blogs which interest me because i am a runner. she also has a music playlist on her account and it's the shape of an Ipod.
Carl's blog has a lot of history put into his blog. He also has categories. And has a bright color text.

Monday, April 12, 2010


The reason why I choose these categories is because most of them are for homework for English. That's why I picked that category. I picked personal for another category because I had to write about personal things. That's why I have that category. Those are really the only categories I actually need to use.

Friday, April 9, 2010


I don't think I deserve a creative license because I am not that creative. If I was a big painter and could sell my art I would. But, my art is terrible so I don't care if anyone else uses it. Just don't let anyone know that I drew it. And if i look at anything I'm not inspired to draw.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

This is a review of animal farm by george orwell